As a computer engineer, I feel a great passion for technology, but at the same time I am deeply intrigued on how the rapid evolution of computers and communication is affecting the way in which people interact with the world; this questioning lead me to pursue an academic career. Since 2005 I have been studying different aspects of computer-mediated collaboration that include affective processes, users' behaviors, linguistic aspects, and performance, among others. As a PhD. I am currently investigating the affective dimension of searchers when working individually or in collaboration with others. With regard to my particular characteristics as a researcher and engineer, I am proactive and well-organized. My personality enables me to work either in teams – adopting a variety of roles – or individually. In addition, my abstraction abilities enable me to solve problems in a variety of contexts, analyze, conceptualize solutions, design, and implement them.


Sep 2009 – 2013

PhD. – Communication, Information, and Library Studies

Complementary: Certificate in Cognitive Science

Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Dissertation: A study of positive and negative affective states in collaborative information seeking

Academic advisor: Dr. Nicholas Belkin

Research advisor: Dr. Chirag Shah

Mar 2005 – Dec 2006

Master in Informatics Engineering

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Dissertation: Evaluation of Emotional Awareness in a Collaborative Application

Advisor: Dr. Edmundo Leiva

Mar 2000 – Dec 2006

Computer Engineer

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Mar 2000 – Sep 2004

Bachelor in Engineering Science

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile


Information Seeking, Collaborative Information Seeking, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Human Computer Interaction, Affective Computing, Sentiment Analysis, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems



F-2011 - S-2012 Research Credits Ph.D. Dr. Nicholas Belkin and Dr. Chirag Shah Rutgers University
F-2012 Perception and Sensation Ph.D. Dr. Thomas Papathomas Rutgers University
S-2011 Interpretive Methods Ph.D. Dr. Deepa Kumar Rutgers University
S-2011 Independent Studies Ph.D. Dr. Jacek Gwizdka Rutgers University
S-2011 Practicum Ph.D. Dr. Chirag Shah Rutgers University
F-2010 Computational Modeling Ph.D. Dr. Doug DeCarlo Rutgers University
F-2010 Quantitative Research Methods Ph.D. Dr. Itzhak Yanovitzky Rutgers University
F-2010 Independent Studies Ph.D. Dr. Chirag Shah and Dr. Nicholas Belkin Rutgers University
S-2010 Language and Information Ph.D. Dr. Smaranda Muresan and Dr. Nina Wacholder Rutgers University
S-2010 Social Media Ph.D. Dr. Moor Naaman and Dr. Jeffrey Boase Rutgers University
S-2010 Qualitative Research Methods Ph.D. Dr. Ross Todd Rutgers University
S-2010 Human Information Behavior Ph.D. Dr. Marija Dalbello Rutgers University
F-2009 Seminar in Information Studies Ph.D. Dr. Nicholas Belkin Rutgers University
F-2009 Research Foundations Ph.D. Dr. Susan Keith Rutgers University
F-2009 Communication, Information, and Media Studies Ph.D. Dr. Mary Radford, Dr. Craig Scott, and Dr. Jack Bratich Rutgers University
S-2005 Quality Assurance in Software Development Master USACH
S-2005 Object-Oriented Software Engineering Master Dr. Hector Antillanca USACH
S-2005 Collaborative Systems Master Dr. Edmundo Leiva USACH
S-2005 Communication Systems Master Dr. Rosa Muñoz USACH
S-2005 Robotics Master Dr. Danilo Bassi USACH
F-2005 Neural Networks Master Dr. Gonzalo Acuña USACH
F-2005 Data Mining Techniques Master Dr. Max Chacón USACH
F-2005 Thesis Seminar Master Dr. Edmundo Leiva USACH