I have participated in the following groups. I am still an active member in some of them

INTERACTION The official Web of my research group INTERACTION on INformation, inTERACtion and visualizaTION.

CIS I originally created this site to keep information about CIS and related events around this topic. This site is curerntly mantained by my former PhD adviser Dr. Chirag Shah.

Coagmento The official site of Coagmento, a great system and tool to assists individuals as well as teams in different activities around information seeking ans sensemaking. Coagmento was originally created by Dr. Chirag Shah. During my PhD studies I participated in this project as a Designer, Developer, and Project Leader. I also created Coagmento Collaboratory for my dissertation work, which later was redesigned and become as special version of Coagmento for research purposes.

Info Seeking The official website of the InfoSeeking group at Rutgers University. I belonged to this group during my PhD studies. I had a wonderful time in this group sharing ideas with brilliant people.