May 2016: A brief presentation about my research interest, research projects, its relevance, and challenges for those interested in joining our PhD and Master program at Departamento de Ingenieria Informatica, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

Feb 2013: I was invited to participate in this video prepared by IEEE Computer Society for an special issue on CIS. My appearance is at minute 7:27.

Oct 2012: This is a public record of a presentation of my work "Pseudo-Collaboration as a Method to Perform Selective Algorithmic Mediation in Collaborative IR Systems" at HCIR 2012 at IBM, Boston, MA.

Aug 2011: An introduction to Collaborative Information Seeking (CIS). I did this TED-like presentation to explain CIS to hispanic students at Rutgers University.

Nov 2007: After completing my Master thesis, the research topic I worked on grabbed the attention of many. One of the public records of this is a special coverage of my work presented at CNN En Español.